Fishing Salmon - Steelhead

Every year in the Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest a strange metamorphosis takes place. Anglers, once satisfied with a pailful of tasty panfish, become obsessed with "salmon fever." The beauty of this fishing [...] Read More


Fishing Panfish

If you're looking to get "back to the basics," or if you're in search of just plain fun, and enjoy eating fish, visit your favorite panfish lake soon. Concentrate on weed lines and bottom cover such [...] Read More


Putting the Marabou to Work for More Muskies

Over the last several years the Mepps Musky Marabou has proven to be an absolute must have for the serious musky fisherman. This bait has been a lifesaver on many occasions when the fish seemed to be tight [...] Read More


Mepps Aglia Spinners

The Mepps Aglia is the classic Mepps spinner. When you hear someone say, “I caught it on a Mepps,” chances are they were fishing with a Mepps Aglia. Mepps Aglia spinners come in 6 sizes, from the tiny [...] Read More


The Fishing Discovery of My Lifetime

Introduction Since 1976 I have enjoyed a unique and highly successful technique I discovered for catching white bass.  I know - everyone thinks his technique is the best, but in 33 years of observations out on the [...] Read More